SGT Michael Richard woodliff

Born in the barracks of Honolulu Hawaii, Michael Woodliff lived his life filled with "The Aloha Spirit" in all of his pursuits; personally and professionally. Michael was one of four boys & the son of an US Army Major.  As soon as he was able to place his small feet into his father's standard issue uniform boots, a fundamental core belief of service to community and country was born. 

Very few were surprised to learn Mike enlisted in the Army at age 17.  Mike was fiercely and fearlessly protective, of others.  Often serving as the 'good bully', he defended family & friends throughout his life. On school playgrounds,  varsity wrestling mats, & ultimately combat warzones. He did surprise his mother, though when he  tricked her into signing papers for a "high-school field trip."

Upon graduation, the US Army welcomed Mike and all  his strengths into service shortly before the events of September 11th.  The subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would be where Michael Woodliff ultimately gave his all, on March 2, 2004.  Succumbing to an injury via an improvised explosive device during a military convoy in Baghdad,  Iraq. 

Though his life was cut short in service, his memory remains enduring. At IRON MIKE CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN, we share the same core belief of service to the community and country.   More importantly we honor the memory and sacrifice of SGT IRON MIKE WOODLIFF - with every swing of  the hammer, each home built and each community restored, with the care and support of our team.